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A voice of reason.

I've been following the work of Sebastian Rushworth for a while now, especially since the early days of COVID-19.

Sebastian is an emergency care doctor in Sweden and he has remained for me, a voice of clear reason throughout this pandemic.

Sweden, as you may know, followed WHO guidelines about what to do in a pandemic, and yet the country has been attacked by many in the media for this seemingly outrageous and risky behaviour.

Sweden did not lockdown as fully as other countries - and yet its death rate remained around average amongst other European countries. Many countries fared much worse than Sweden such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and of course, the UK.

During a time where there is much confusion about what's real and what isn't, and where most people are getting their information from the media rather than from actual epidemiologists, I was very happy to find out that Sebastian has written a new book called "COVID: Why most of what you know is wrong."

In the book, Sebastian explains the Swedish COVID response and goes on to discuss the reality about COVID, tests, deaths and statistics. He talks about the harms of lockdown and discusses the safety and efficacy of masks and vaccines.

This is a brilliant book - accessible to all and quick to read. I highly recommend it. I admit that I am biased because Sebastian, like myself, is interested in how diet and health are related - with a specific interest in the Paleolithic diet. Like a good medical practitioner, I am declaring my conflicts of interest...

It's refreshing to read the work of a doctor who is both intelligent and modest, who approaches health in a holistic way, and who - like a true scientist, is open to being wrong.

Please read this book and support Sebastian's work.

His blog is available here and you can buy the book here.

(Please note that I am NOT affiliated with Amazon in any way nor do I have any agenda here. I just want to share good information - because frankly, it's scarce right now).

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