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A FREE guide to Kitchen Pharmacy

Did you know that you can treat most common ailments and injuries at home? All you need is some good food, some rest and some herbs.

I have delivered this talk on Kitchen Pharmacy hundreds of times, and thought I would turn it into a brief, online course for you - totally free.

I give an overview of the history of herbal medicine so you can learn about what it actually is. Then I have provided some information about what you can grow in your own medicinal herb patch at home.

I cover the different ways of taking herbs, including recipes about how to make different herbal preparations like tinctures, infusions and balms. I also go through the major herbs you can use to treat different systems of the body.

At the end, there's a brief outline of herbs and medicines you might want to keep in your medicine cabinet at home to use for first aid.

This course is just a very brief introduction to how you can identify, grow and use herbs to make medicines at home. I think it gives an insight into how I work with herbs, and I had to throw in some information about bone broth and fasting, just because these are great tools to have in your health toolbox.

The course is suitable for beginners, and even children and young people who might like to get themselves a good plant guide and go foraging in the hedgerows throughout the year.

If you do enjoy this course and want to deepen your learning, keep an eye out for the opening of Practical Holistic Herbalism which opens in February 2021. This will be a 10 month journey through the seasons, learning about everything that has to do with health and wellbeing, including how to identify and use medicinal plants and how to optimise nutrition, sleep, stress management and exercise.

I hope you enjoy the Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Pharmacy - given that we're all a bit restricted with what we can and can't do at the moment, why not take this opportunity to learn a little about the plants that can help you thrive?

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